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カンウォンドのハブナラ公園は私にとって香ばしい思い出になりました。普段花とハーブが好きな私には完璧な旅行先になりました。   山奥に囲まれてる風景はまるで童話の国にいるような感じを与え、..
京子 2019.12.13
 Gangneung Jungang Market in Gangwon-do  
Gangneung Jungang Market in Gangwon-do One of the most important things about traveling is delicious food.So this time, I went to Gangneung Jungang Market, which I can't miss from my trip to Ga..
Bruce 2019.11.01
 Gangwon-do, which is the most beautiful place in Korea, was really beautiful as it was rumored.  
Gangwon-do, which is the most beautiful place in Korea, was really beautiful as it was rumored.Ojukhun was well blends with modern modern facilities with vintage features.As soon as it first came in..
Kathryn 2019.09.12
1835821 2019.08.29
Brain 導遊很棒很帥氣 ,景點風景很優美 。行程不會太趕讓人感覺很舒爽 。希望下次還能有機會來參加!!
Henry 2017.09.08
 We had an amazing seafood at Junmujin beach  
I really enjoyed Junmujin beach. It's worth to travel a long way by K-travel bus, very quite and relaxing place. Sea food here is dam tasty, specially is king crab. Heaven f..
lien kool 2017.07.06
江原道线路超级有意思, 集休息, 休闲, 交友, 体验于一身的旅游产品, 酒店好,风景好, 山好水好人更好 详情可以看附件的图片 
张明冰 2017.06.02
 My wonderful trip to Gangwon-do  
I was not hesitating about where to go on a tour. I chose the Gangwon-do tour at once because I am so much excited about the upcoming Olypmics. I have always been so much interetsted about sports an..
Nataly Reich 2016.06.17
 The very spot of Pyeongchang Olympics  
 I went on K-Travel Bus tour to Gangwon-do! It was great to see the very spot where the Olympic is soon going to be held.If are not afraid of height it will be definitely fun to go to the jump ..
Olga Santino 2016.06.13
 Amazing Food in Gangwon-do  
I really enjoyed my trip to Gangwon-do with K-travel Bus on March 2016. I really liked all of what they provided for us, from the really comfortable bus, very kind and friendly tour guide, and they ..
Stephanie Sutana 2016.05.23
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