Amazing Yeosu and Fresh Damyang Forest
Kate Ericsson
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Well I was so much wondering about seeing a real bamboo forest. All my expectations came true! The bamboo forest is perfect place t feel freshness during the day, to walk along narrow paths and feel great when its very hot outside the forest. Also it incredibly beautiful!

After walking in the forest I was lucky to get some souvenirs made of bamboo. Its truly a great memory !

I also loved visiting Yeosu. This is not a huge city but so sweet, cosy and fresh. It is located on the seashore so the sea was our destination. Sparking sea on a sunny day, wonderful views - this is all about Yeosu! Also we tried various sea foods there, it was my frist time trying all this. Was for a sure a great experience!!

And of cant I would lihe to write about Yeosu Expo Park. I was lucky to visit Yeosu Expo in 2014, was something unforgetable!!! many many foreigners, everytwhere breathtaking events, everything interesting unusual new! At th time great huge pavilions were built for the Expo, for every country its own gorgeous pavilion. Now when I visited the Park again, it felt great, I recalled the Expo 2014, I recalled every great moment! Also we watched the aqua show in the evening, it is something I will never forget! So beautiful, creative and professional!!!