Had great time in Damyang with K-Travel Bus!

I visited Jeollanam-do Province Damyang, Gokseong, Yeosu, and Suncheon area on June 28th and 29th. I was so worried because the weather report said that it would rain on that day. But luckily it didn’t ! I had so much fun while touring around Jeollanam-do Province, and wish I could take K-Travel Bus again with my friends!


We watched K-Travel Bus trailers at the bus while we were heading to Damyang!

When we arrived to Damyang, we ate bamboo tube steamed rice with delicious Korean side dishes as lunch.

At the Juknokwon Bamboo Garden, a tour guide explained about this place and recommended the tour course for this garden. Then we could freely enjoy this garden!

 I totally agree that Juknokwon Bamboo Garden is a representative place for Damyang. I could refresh my mind and body while walking in the bamboo tree woods and experiencing Bamboo green showers.



Our next destination was Metasequioia-lined Road. It took 5 min from the Juknokwon Bamboo Garden. I heard this road is so famous for taking photos, so my friend and I took so many pictures on this road. This is the place, which I want to visit once more because I heard people can experience a different view during winter.


Gokseong Seomjingang River Train Village was one of my favorite destinations of this tour! I’ve heard that this place was a shooting place for Korean movie ‘Gokseong’! I took the train and could observe the beautiful scenery along with Seomjingang river area!

Next day, we tried Yeosu Maritime Cable Car and enjoy the view of Yeosu area!



After riding a cable car, we went to Odongdo Island!


Our next destination was Suncheonman Bay Wetland Reserve! We ate lunch here and enjoyed the beautiful nature. I really love the greens because this definitely helped me to relax and relieved stress that I had!

I really want to recommend this K-Travel Bus tour course to my friends! Since most of foreign visitors have only few information on other regions except Seoul, K-Travel Bus would be the great opportunity for them to experience other regions of Korea with affordable prices! :D