Odongdo Island, Yeosu
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Odongdo Island, Yeosu


I went to Odongdo Island, which is an essential course for Yeosu travel!

The origin of Odongdo's name is that from a distance it looks like a paulownia leaf,

In the old days, it was called Odongdo because it was densely populated with paulowina trees.




First, I decided to take the Odongdo Dongbaek Train at the entrance of Odongdo Island.

Free enterance to enter Odongdo island, but those who are difficulty or uncomfortable to walk can use the Odongdo Dongbaek train to enter the island.

As we entered the island, there was a walkway leading to the top of Odongdo Island near the main square from the end of the breakwater.




In addition, there is a theme park inside Odongdo Island, where there is a lighthouse, a music fountain, and a barefoot park, which is 25 meters long.

The lighthouse is a representative attraction in Odongdo Island and the park is a 2.5-kilometer forest tunnel-style walkway.

Walking along the walkway, I saw a view, and there was a wide expanse of beach next to me, and there was a beautiful view of rock cliff such as roof rock and elephant rock.

And when the wind blew, I heard the rustling and the waves.

The sound made me feel at ease as I walked down the woods.




When I arrived at Odongdo Lighthouse Observatory, I could enjoy the beauty of the South Sea at a glance.




Also, Odongdo Island has many ways to go down to the coast, so it has beautiful beaches.

It was even better to see each other in different ways.​