Gyeongju Anapji
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Gyeongju Anapji




I decided to go on a trip and heal this fall. The place that I chose is to Gyeongju. 

Gyeongju is a great place to travel by walking. 

It was good to be able to walk in downtown including Anapji, Cheomseongdae, Cheonmachong




Wander around the area and finally arrive in the last stop is Anapji! The last reason I chose this place is because the night view is really awesome.

I paid 3000 won to enter Anapji. 

There was a lot of people because the weather was good.

Anapji is also called Donggung and Wolji, and it is said that it was recorded in Augmented Survey of The Geography of Korea and DonggyeongJapgi. 

The name Anapji was later called "Anapji," which was ruined and was heavily reeds were grown, and wild geese and ducks were called in. 

It was an interesting fact.




The sun set and the moon rose in the pond. 

Lights and trees also seen in the pond. I felt as if I were looking at a big mirror.

I kept looking, but I didn't get tired, and everywhere I looked, it was beautiful. 

I had a hard time with so many people, but the moment I saw the scenery, I was completely forgotten.




There was a lot of regret on the way back.

I wanted to find out more about Anapji, and it was the place where the Silla era's stayed,  

was a place where people held banquets, meetings, and entertained. 

This large artificial pond is said to be made from the sea. In addition, Anapji was a general fishing place in downtown Gyeongju, 

but relics from the Silla Dynasty were excavated during dredging. 

There are only three buildings now, but in the old days, there were dozens of them.

It's cool now, but how cool it used to be!

It was really good to know a lot of interesting facts and heal through the Gyeongju trip.

If you are planning a trip to Gyeongju, I recommend you to visit Anapji!​