K- Travel Bus (Busan/Ulsan/Gyeongnam)
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Planning to visit South Korea and explore the hidden gems around South Korea! K-Travel Bus is the perfect tour program for you!


A little introduction about K-Travel Bus, it is 2 days 1-night tour program that includes coach, accommodation, and friendly interpreter. Bringing you convenience, excitement, and a memorable local experience. I personally enjoyed myself during my 2 days 1 night trip to the Southeast Region,Busan/Ulsan/Gyeongnam. There are currently 6 routes to different parts of Korea, namely Daegu, Gangwondo Province, South Jeolla Province, North Gyeongsang Province, Southeast Regions, and Tongyeong-si. 



Recalling about my recent trip with K-Travel Bus had been very emotional as through this 2 days 1 night trip to Busan/Ulsan/Gyeongnam, my understanding towards Korea and the local culture of the region had deepened and the experience was amazing. Also, I had made friends from all around the world during our trip. Our trip begins with the meeting of our tour guide at Gwanghwamun Donghwa Duty-Free Shop Parking lot. Subway Station: Gwanghwamun Station (Line 5, exit 6)


There was a grand opening ceremony going on that day We set off at 9am and the journey took around 4 hours with lunch waiting for us. You wont believe who travelled with us that day- Kpop girl group Tahiti Mouthwatering. We had Shabu Shabu for Lunch and after Lunch, we set off to out first attraction in Gyeongnam- Sanchong Oriental Medicine Theme Park. 


As interesting as it can be, we were welcome by cute mascots and had a Korea traditional physician to bring us around and educating us about the Korea Oriental Medicine. Experience is also a must! We had tried out a traditional oriental medicine session, throughout the whole session, we could feel the heat from the object that is placed on top of our belly button. It is said to be very beneficial for your health. The effect was kind of immediate, as there are people who released gas during or after the session. Though it can be embarrassing to do it in front of others, but for the sake of health, it is definitely worth it.


Later on, we went to the Gimhae Gaya Theme Park. A great place to understand and experience the culture and how life was during the Gaya Kingdom. To allow you to have a better understanding, there is also performance in the Theme Park. Moreover, while enjoying my stroll around the theme park, there is a healing effect as air there are very fresh!



Our next destination was Busan! My whole family loves this place! This is a great place filled with delicious food, amazing people, and stunning view. We headed out to the famous Jagalchi Fish Market! One stall that you should never miss will definitely be this stall by this beautiful and friendly lady. They are are famous for their Hotteok, (pronunciation is similar as Hotdog), a filled Korean pancake. After which, we had dinner and it is none other than puffer fish stew. We all know that puffer fish is poison and license are required for restaurant owner selling puffer fish. We went to this famous licensed restaurant and being my first time trying out puffer fish, the experience was extraordinary. I had never tried fish that is so chewy with no pungent taste. 



We proceeded to our accommodation after dinner and guess what, it is the Busan Benikea Hotel located near one of Korea's most famous beach, Haeundae. Not only did it is located in an awesome venue, the room was amazing. 



 DAY 2 Before meeting the tour guide, I woke up early and met my best friend who is currently studying Busan, to see the sunrise from Haeundae Beach.


Headed to Ulsan, a place where Hyundai's plant is located. You can see many Hyundai car here! In Ulsan, we went to the Taehwagang Grand Park, where we tried a 4 Passenger bike. I was lucky to try out the bike with my tour guide and the view was stunning. There is a bamboo forest located there and a very nice stream. Bringing me lots of serenity and rejuvenation. In our next attraction, the Onggi Village, there are numerous pottery and the master there, had showcased and explained the process of making the pottery. There is also an Onggi Making Program,where we made our own pottery and are able to bring it home as a souvenir.


Summing up our awesome 2 day 1-night trip was Lunch. We had a scrumptious meal, as we are severed with a seasoned grilled dried pollack set menu. The staff of the restaurant is very friendly and they were very hospitable. One of the funny incidents is that I was simply curious whether the fish soup served could be refilled and they simply gave me another bowl. I was stunned, but their fish soup really nice! A must try when you visit here. Later on, we took an approximately 4-hour trip back to Seoul and was drop off at the same place where we board- Donghwa Duty-Free Shop. I would definitely want to go on a trip with K-Travel Bus as  had provided me with a hassle free and authentic experience, which is extremely memorable. See you soon K-Travel Bus!