My first time in Busan and Gimhae
Ried Mcbride
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I took the Southeast Region course and it was my second time in Busan. I never visited here in Gimhae. It was a great chance to

learn Korea's ancient past here at Gimahae Theme Park. 

It was a long ride from Seoul but was worth the trip 


The place has very ancient and cultural atmosphere. I think it was a great opportunity learn about Korean culture and tradition

of ancient past. If you like Korean traditional building or architecture, I think people who take this course will enjoy it. 


Love to see the beach again at Busan. It was not really crowded when I visited but I am sure there will be full of crowded people during the

summers. I definitely will want to come here again. 

 I really enjoyed this course because I was get to visit my favorite Busan once again but to see many of the cities and villages in Korea. 

I could visit so many at once over a night tour here!