I Loved the Southeast region!!
Chris Dorrit
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I was happy when got to know that K Travel bus gives the chance to visit Busan, Ulsan and Gimhae on one tour. I heard a lot about these cities before coming to Korea and when I learned about this Programme, of course I decided to go at once.

I was so much impressed about he Gimhae Gaya Theme Park, this is a bit similar to an amusement park. Here you can enjoy the beautiful nature and various leisure sports facilities. I loved it here!!

Then we went to Busan. Well Busan is gorgeous!! I always heard from foreign friends about the Haeundae Beach so it was our next destinationl.  

This is unbelievably beautiful there!!!

Then we went to Ulsan Oegsan Onggi Village, this is famous for pottery making. I never saw so many pots at he same place! We were also taught to to make them, I evn was lucky to try to make a ot myself!!

And at he at ot the trip we had some Makgeolli Tasting Experience. Thats also what I love. Was a great moment!

I would to say thank you K Trvael Bus Program for a great tour and great service! I will also rememeber this wonderful trip!