City of Tourism 2016_my experience
Nikki Nikki
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My friend invited me to accompany her on this tour with  Travel Bus Program and I am so glad about it. I liked this tour so much so that I am thinking to take other tour with this Program.

The first experince we got was taking a cable car in Tongyeong. It was my first time taking a cabel car!!! It was an unbelievable feeling! No words! Felt like flying!!

Then we went to the Gangguan Port. I do love the sea so I was so much excited about visiting it!!

The whole second day ofthe trip we were at Jangsado Island. This island is famous for numerous camellia and magnolia trees. It felt like one huge fragrant garden!!! I never saw something like this before!!! So so beautiful!  

I will recommend this tour to my friends! Thanks to K Travel Bus for this wonderful time!!!