I enjoyed the day so much that I could not try it.
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I wore Korean traditional clothes and it was a new experience and I enjoyed the day so much that I could not try it.

It is my second trip to Korea alone, so I want to go to a unique place.

I have reserved a K-Travel bus.

I thought it would take a long time because it was out of the city center.

I arrived sooner than I expected.




It's a 100-year-old building, and it was so neat that I was surprised.

The fluttering cherry blossoms and old buildings were in harmony.

Through the statues of historical figures of Korea, one by one on each street.

I was able to see what attitude Koreans have about history.

I went to Korea's first presidential villa, and it's the first building I've ever seen.

I felt mysterious all the time.





The feeling of walking around the streets in Hanbok that I wanted to try and wear in Korea

It was really interesting.

This was the center of Changwon's cultural arts, and the name of the place it well matched.

The paintings and scenery on the street made us feel as if we were welcoming

I wanted to have the artwork.






In the evening, I rode a boat in the Yongji lake, and the night view was really beautiful as it got darker.

Floating in the water and enjoying the fountain with the music is still in my head

It was gorgeous.

This time, I traveled alone, but next time I came with precious people

It was a journey that I wanted to share the same memories with.​