My Gyeongsangbuk-do experince
Jake Kovalsky
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I am so glad I took this tour with K Travel Bus Program. This tour let me learn so much about Korea, many traditional things, get a bit closer to unique and beautiful Korean culture.

Also the amazing thing was how the tour was organized. Everything was done perfectly, great trip, nice and helpful guide, great accomodation, I loved everything.

I always wanted to visit a real Buddhist temple and now my dream came true. On the tour we visited Buseoksa Temple. So much freedom and peace!  

Then the next stop was Makgeolli Experince. I think this is the most popular drink among foreigners. I never heard that any foreigner doesnt like this amzing rice wine. So delicious and refreshing and not too strong!

There are other amazing destinations such as Yecheon Archery Program and Rail Biking at Mungyeong. I am thankful to K Travel Bus for this amazing tour!