Magoksa Temple, Gongju
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Magoksa Temple, Gongju 

I went to Magoksa Temple, one of the most famous in Gongju,

Magoksa Temple is known as a UNESCO World Heritage List.

As the name suggests, the beauty of trees and flowers is outstanding.

When I walked in, even if there were no flowers, the scenery of nature spread before my eyes

calmed my mind.

If I had come in spring, the flowers would be beautiful and more beautiful because they were spread

out pretty.

It is also known as a resting temple stay. Living and breathing in the History of Korean Buddhism

You can experience the daily practice of the monks’ in Sansa and be an opportunity to experience

traditional culture.




I also wanted to try once. There were many good places to take pictures.

The roof tile was also amazing and there were tiny stones on it. It was very impressive 

The bridge was pretty, and there was a tortoise carved with stone in the middle of the pond.

In the middle, there is a place where I threw the coin to make a wish. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring

any coins.

I haven’t tried. Going further, there was a five-story stone pagoda. Overall, the preservation was

good and this five-story stone pagoda is the oldest existing relic in Magoksa Temple

The second most memorable thing is a liberation door, which you meet first when you entering Magogsa Temple.

Passing through the main gate of Magoksa Temple, you will enter the Buddhist world.

Having a desire to liberate made me feel like a godly mind.




Magoksa Temple, though entirely old, looked well preserved and seemed to know why it was famous for its temple stay.

It was a day that saw so many things and learned.