I will visit Kim Kwang-seok-gil street again.
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Kim Kwang-Seok-gil Street



Kim Kwang-seok, who is now unseen, I visited Daegu because there is an alley in memory of him. Kim Kwang-seok was born in Daegu and has done various musical activities and is one of the best artists in South Korea who left many famous songs. Kim Kwang-seok-gil street is consistently loved as a place to date in Daegu. You can use the subway, but there is a new parking lot and you can come by your own car.

There were many sculptures representing Kim Kwang-seok near the entrance. Kim Kwang-seok's guitar models were seen everywhere. Kim Kwang-seok was painted on the wall and his song is played. I didn't see it in my life, but sometimes I listened to the song, but as I walked along this street listening to the song, I could hear another verse of the lyrics. When I looked at the mural, there were many pictures of the lyrics of the song. I could understand the song more deeply by looking at it in the picture.

Walking down the street, there were many interesting shops. They sold food and props for memories and rented out old school uniforms. They were also selling LPs from those days. There were many nice cafes and restaurants in the alley, so we looked around and ate.


I felt heavy on my feet when I came back from the meal. It was regrettable to leave this street where Kim Kwang-seok seems to be breathing, but I took several photos and turned around It was time to remember Kim Kwang-seok again. I felt as if he were with me on this street. I had a good time and if I come back to Daegu, I will visit Kim Kwang-seok-gil street again.