It was the most interesting place for me and my wife who like to drink.
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It was the most interesting place for me and my wife who like to drink.

My wife had some negative images about the Alcohol Museum at first,

It's not just alcohol on display, it's really the traditional Korean art of the past.

I was curious about the taste and the various things of the alcohol.

Especially, it was amazing that I put a snake in a drink and ripen.

My wife said she likes pretty bottle of Korean alcohol.




It was interesting that the taste of Korean alcohol was different depending on the region, and before I visited here, I only knew soju, but there were many other alcoholic beverages made of rice wine or fruit.

In one place, I showed them how alcohol is made, and I found out how it was made, and it was amazing, and I liked it, because I made something that I wanted to show off to my friends.

Overall, the guide's explanation was very easy to understand and interesting.




There was not only Korean Alcohol but also alcohol from other countries .

It was good to see the color of the bottle and the individuality of the alcohol in each country.

There's also a beer for dogs. 

When it was hard to walk a little, there was a photo place, so I took a rest and took a picture. It was fun.

I heard that it was a reproduction of Korea's former self, but I enjoyed it because I couldn't see it now.




At the end, it was nice to have a quick tasting and finish the viewing with a pleasant atmosphere.

I bought two souvenirs because they are pretty. This is the place I want to go once more.​