Jinhae Modern Cultural History Road
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Jinhae Modern Cultural History Road





I have been to Jinhae Modern Culture and History Road, where I can see 100 years of modern history.

Jinhae is a city with the clearest marks of Japanese colonial rule.

It is a city with a Japanese cultural element in its street name and the same name.

It is a city where the landscape of modernization remains intact.


So, in Jinhae, the painful relics of modernization that passed through the Japanese colonial period remain everywhere..





In addition, there is a modern cultural tour on the Jinhae Modern Cultural History Road, which is a military port tour route and a modern cultural history trail.

There were two kinds of programs prepared.

So I went there for the first time, but it was easy to explore and see here and there with a map.

Also, there were many places that were in real movies and dramas, so it was good to leave memories in pictures.





I chose the course of modern culture and history and the first place I went was the Navy's house.

It is said that the area provides visits to Navy's soldiers , various navy related tasks and administrative treatment.


And I actually saw the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-shin, although it's not that big.

It is said to be the first statue Korea produced during the war and is very meaningful.


I went to a place called black and white in cultural space, and this place is a painter named Yu Taek-ryeol.

It was acquired right after the Korean War and renamed as black-and-white tea house in the 1960s and 1970s

It is also said to have been a dating course for many lovers as the center of Jinhae culture.

Currently, works by Yu Taek-ryul were exhibited.

It was better because I could see wonderful works in a meaningful place.




I went to Jinhae Post Office, which was built in a modern Russian architecture.

The facade was still well preserved even though it was a single-story wood building.

It is the oldest living post office in Korea and still works at Jinhae Post Office.

It's amazing to see here.


Here in Jinhae, you can ride a monorail yourself, not just walk and watch

Jehwangsan Mountain monorail is in the middle of Jinhae, climbs Jehwangsan Jinhae tower you can feel the sea breeze. 

It was even better to see Jinhae at a glance.


It was fun because the history and culture of modern times remained everywhere.

It was painful to think that this place contains Korea's painful history.




But after overcoming a difficult and difficult history, we have to learn about foreigners and children like us.

I think it's more meaningful that it's being used as an education.

I really want to recommend it as a travel destination.​