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Good Day Museum




While traveling to Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province, I went to a unique museum. Good Day Museum, a liquor museum! The museum for alcohol, I couldn't pass it. The museum was built by the nation's liquor factory, Muhak. According to the introduction of the museum, the museum exhibits the history and culture of alcohol that have been with mankind in an integrated manner. It is said to have collected about 3,000 different kinds of liquor from around the world! I was even more excited to see each country’s liquor and its culture on display.




There was no fee to visit. You can also apply for a field trip, and if you apply, you can see a factory that produces alcohol. Good Day Museum is also called Muhak Soju Factory, but it seems that it is because of the factory together. Today, we will only see the museum exhibition.




First of all, alcohol is a drink that contains more than 1% of alcohol at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. This wine was displayed in a wide variety of different countries. Among them, I went to the Asian Pavilion where my country is located first. The main liquors in Asia are soju, white wine, rice wine, and so on, and I recognized soju first. Soju in Korea is said to be distilled by fermenting grains or diluted with water by alcohol. I could see the process of making soju briefly, but it was amazing after more work than I thought. Chinese alcohol was very fancy and had a very high degree of alcohol. Japanese alcohol was many neat and unique bottles.




Not only in Asia, but also in various countries, including Europe, Africa, Oceania and America. It was informative and interesting to meet the unique and interesting mainstream of each country. I found an interesting fact that the first to make alcohol is not a person but a monkey. It is said that the monkey stored the fruit in the cracks of the branches or in the rocks, and the fruit became fermented and tasted by humans.​