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Product guide
  • Tour Guide(English/Chinese/Japanese), Transportation, Entrance Fees, Accommodation for 6 night, Meals, Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • 1. One room per two people will be provided. If you wish to use a single room, extra fee will be charged($60)
    2. Premium Pick up Service [ Incheon Airport : $45/per, Gyeonggi-do : $40/per, Seoul area : $30/per ]
    3. Option fee
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Tour Course Guide
  • Day 1
    ●Deep flavor of beef bone cooked in an Iron Pot Ox Head Soup
    ●Best matching flavor with crispy Gong-ju chestnut and Gongju Beef Bibimbap with Chestnut and Raw Beef
    ●Hotel Mudrin with excellent views of Boryeong Daecheon Beach
  • Day 2
    ●The first Marine Rail Bike in Korea be-tween Daecheon Beach and Daecheon Port
    ●Colorful water stream dancing to beautiful melody Peace Square Music Fountain
    ●A warm soup with fresh octopus grown in Jeollado tidal flat Yonpotang
    ●Best hotel with a great view of Dadohae and Yeongamho Mokpo Hyundai Hotel
  • Day 3
    ●From the opening port period to the 1950’s, Mokpo’s historical and educa-tional place Mokpo Modern History Museum1 and 2
    ●Yeosu Night Sea with fresh seafood, local food and romantic night view
    ●Yeosu Bellagio Hotel, located in the center of the city, where you can enjoy Yeosu’s attractions and sounds
  • Day 4
    ●Odongdo Island, with 418 kinds of sub-tropical plants, coastal cliffs, camellia trains, music fountains, and many other attractions.
    ●Jinjuseong Fortress where se-lected as one of the 100 Must-Vis-it Tourist Spots in Korea and 50 Must-Visit Places in Korea by CNN GO
    ●Jinyangho Lake, a man-made lake with beautiful scenery formed where the Gyeo-ngho River and Deokcheon River meet
    ●Golden Tulip Hotel, where you can keep your memories in harmony with the beautiful night view of Jinju
  • Day 5
    ●Mt. Palgongsan Cable Car that climb up to the top of the mountain (820m) where you can enjoy panoramic view of Mt. Pal-gongsan and the city ●Cheomseongdae Observatory the astronomical observatory built in the 27th Queen Sundeok of Silla period. The oldest observatory in Asia and desig-nated as the national treasure No. 31
    ●Sono Belle Gyeongju with 417 rooms and 7 swimming pools
  • Day 6·7
    ●Bulguksa Temple, the essence of Unified Silla culture achieved by the science and aesthetics of the Silla
    ●Hotel & Resort themed on the Spanish port city, Malaga Sol beachYangyang
    ●DMZ Museum, the world’s first museum with a DMZ theme. The DMZ’s natural ecology, which has not been touched by human for over 60 years, is reconstruct-ed into exhibits and videos
    ●Crispy Dried Pollack a Gangwon-do’s specialty, made with dried pollack in tra-ditional way (Goseong Unification Obser-vatory Tower Rest Area) *The hotel is subject to change depending on local conditions.
Schedule Information
Schedule Area Time content(a tourist attraction)
1Day Seoul,Chungbuk,Gongju,Boryeong 07:30 Meeting at Insadong
Seoul,Chungbuk,Gongju,Buan 07:30-21:00 Insadong Departure(SM Duty Free Shop) ⇢ Cheongnamdae ⇢ Lunch ⇢ Tomb of King Muryeong ⇢ Sanseong Market ⇢ Gongsanseong Fortress ⇢ Baekmigoeul(Dinner) ⇢
Seoul,Chungbuk,Gongju,Boryeong 10:00-10:40 Cheongnamdae
Seoul,Chungbuk,Gongju,Boryeong 11:00-12:00 Lunch
Seoul,Chungbuk,Gongju,Boryeong 12:00-13:00 Move to Gongju
Seoul,Chungbuk,Gongju,Boryeong 13:00~13:50 the Royal Tomb of King Muryeong
Seoul,Chungbuk,Gongju,Boryeong 17:00-18:00 Baekmi Goeul (Dinner
Seoul,Chungbuk,Gongju,Boryeong 18:00-20:00 Move to Boryeong
Seoul,Chungbuk,Gongju,Boryeong 21:00 Hotel Check in
Seoul,Chungbuk,Gongju,Boryeong 7:30-10:00 Move to Chungbuk
2Day Boryeong,Mokpo 08:30-09:00 Meeting with a guide
Boryeong,Mokpo 09:00-10:00 Boryeong Daecheon Beach (Marine Rail Bike)
Boryeong,Mokpo 10:30-11:30 Gaehwa Arts Park
Boryeong,Mokpo 12:00-13:00 Lunch
Boryeong,Mokpo 13:30-15:30 Move to Mokpo
Boryeong,Mokpo 15:30-17:00 Yudalsan Nojeokbong
Boryeong,Mokpo 17:30-18:30 Dinner
Boryeong,Mokpo 19:00-19:30 Peace Square Music Fountain
Boryeong,Mokpo 20:00 Hotel Check in
3Day Boryeong,Mokpo 08:30 Hotel Breakfast
Buan,Mokpo 08:30-20:00 Chaesukgang ⇢ Naesosa Temple ⇢ Lunch ⇢ Yudal Mountain Nojukbong ⇢ Dinner ⇢ Peace Square Music Fountain ⇢ Hotel
Mokpo,Yeosu 09:00 Hotel Breakfast
Mokpo,Yeosu 09:00-09:30 Meeting with a guide
Mokpo,Yeosu 09:30-10:30 Modern History and Culture Hall 1 and 2
Mokpo,Yeosu 10:30-11:00 Gatbawi Rock
Mokpo,Yeosu 11:30-13:30 Move to Yeosu
Mokpo,Yeosu 14:00-15:00 Lunch
Mokpo,Yeosu 15:00-16:00 Yeosu Expo Park Skywalk
Mokpo,Yeosu 16:30-19:00 Yeosu Night Sea
Mokpo,Yeosu 18:00-19:00 Dinner
Mokpo,Yeosu 20:00 Hotel Check in
4Day Yeosu,Jinju 09:00 Breakfast
Yeosu,Jinju 09:30-11:00 Yeosu Odongdo
Yeosu,Jinju 11:00-12:30 Move to Jinju
Yeosu,Jinju 12:30-13:30 Lunch
Yeosu,Jinju 13:30-14:30 Jinjuseong Fortress
Yeosu,Jinju 15:00-16:30 Jinyangho Observatory
Yeosu,Jinju 17:00-18:00 Dinner
Yeosu,Jinju 18:30-19:00 Hotel Check in
5Day Daegu,Yeongcheon,Gyeongju 08:00 Breakfast, Move to Daegu
Daegu,Yeongcheon,Gyeongju 09:00-10:30 Palgongsan Cable Car
Daegu,Yeongcheon,Gyeongju 10:30-11:30 Move to Yeongcheon
Daegu,Yeongcheon,Gyeongju 11:30-13:00 Korean Medicine Village & Winnery Experience or dyeing experience
Daegu,Yeongcheon,Gyeongju 13:00-14:30 Move to Gyeongju
Daegu,Yeongcheon,Gyeongju 15:00-17:00 Cheomseongdae Observatory, Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond
Daegu,Yeongcheon,Gyeongju 17:00-18:00 Dinner
Daegu,Yeongcheon,Gyeongju 18:30 Hotel Check in
6Day Gyeongju,Gangwon 08:30 Breakfast
Gyeongju,Gangwon 08:30-09:00 Meeting with a guide
Gyeongju,Gangwon 09:00-10:00 Bulguksa Temple
Gyeongju,Gangwon 10:00-14:00 Move to Gangwon
Gyeongju,Gangwon 14:00-15:00 Samcheok Ocean Rail Bike or Samcheok Cable Car
Gyeongju,Gangwon 15:00-16:00 Move to Youngjin Beach
Gyeongju,Gangwon 16:00-17:00 Youngjin Beach, BTS Bus Stop
Gyeongju,Gangwon 17:00-18:00 Move to Hotel
Gyeongju,Gangwon 18:00-19:00 Dinner
Gyeongju,Gangwon 20:00 Hotel Check in
7Day Gangwon,Seoul 09:00 Breakfast
Gangwon,Seoul 10:00-10:30 Goseong Unification Observatory Tower
Gangwon,Seoul 10:30-12:00 Gangwon DMZ Museum & Goseong DMZ
Gangwon,Seoul 12:30-13:30 Lunch
Gangwon,Seoul 13:30-17:30 Move to Seoul
Gangwon,Seoul 18:00 Arrival at Insadong
8Day Daegu,Youngchun,Gyeongju 09:00-18:00 Mt, Palgongsan Cable Car ⇢ Yeongcheon Winery ⇢ Daereungwon Tomb(Cheonmachong) ⇢ Cheomseongdae, Donggung and Wolji ⇢ Dinner ⇢ Hotel
Gyeongju,Gangwon 09:00-18:00 Bulguksa Temple ⇢ Sancheok Ocean Railbike(Summer: Janghohang Transparent Canoe) ⇢ Yeongjin Beach ⇢ BTS Bus Stop ⇢ Dinner ⇢ Hotel
Gangwon,Seoul 09:00-18:00 Gosung Unification Observatory Tower ⇢ Gangwon DMZ Museum&GosungDMZ ⇢ Lunch ⇢ Back to Seoul
Changwon,Daegu 09:00-19:30 Sangsanggil&Changdong Art Village ⇢ Seomun Market (Lunch) ⇢ Kimgwangseok-gil Street ⇢ Yangneyongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine(Foot Spa) ⇢ Dongsungn
Use guide
  • Pick-up Service
    When you book the K-travel shuttle bus, you can select Premium Pick-up Service Option.
    Pick-up Service is Available to Boarding Spot from Hotels(in Seoul, Gyeonggi-do area), Airport

    1. Check the Options Box for Pick-up Reservation.

    2. Service Fee
    ▶ Incheon Airport: $45/per
    ▶ Gyeonggi-do area: $40/per
    ▶ Seoul area: $30/per

    3. Please Leave Hotel Information and Contact Number for Pick-up Reservation.
    - Lead Name:
    - Hotel Name or Airport(ICN or GMP):
    - Hotel Address or Flight Number:
    - Phone Number:
  • Departure Information
    Departure Time: 7:30 am
    Address: 41, Insadong 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

    When using public transportation: get off at Jonggak Station(Line Number 1).
    ▷ Approximately one minute walk from exit number 3 or 3-1.
    ▷ Blue Bus 109, 151, 162, 172, 401, 406, 606, or 704 Get off at Jogyesa Temple Station.
    ▷ Green Bus 7022, or 1020. Get off at Jogyesa Temple Station.
    ▷ Express Bus 1005-1, 5000, 5005, 5500, 5500-1, 5500-2, 7900, or 9000 Get off at Jogyesa Temple Station.
    ▷ Red Bus 9401 Get off at Jogyesa Temple Station.
  • Payment Information
    1. Credit Card Payment 
    - Credit Card ( VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, JCB )
    - Alipay, Tenpay, Union Pay

    2. Payment on Site
    3. Bank Transfer
    [ Korea won(KRW) Remittance ]
    - Account Number: Woori Bank: 443-173531-13-001
    - Account Holder: HANATOUR ITC Inc.
    [ US dollar(USD) Remittance ]
    - Band Address: 192-18, Kwanhun-dong, Jongro-Gu, Seoul, The Republic of Korea
    - Account Number: 150-JSD-100978-9
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Other information
· The shuttle bus ticket is individually delivered by email.
· The shuttle bus ticket is confirmed at least 3days before the tour date.
· Please bring your original passport to confirm you identity.(we can not accept alien registration, written confirmation document, or copy of passport)

The cancellation policy for K-Travel Bus
· For tour cancellation, the cancellation fee will be charged as following rates.
· Request of tour cancellation is based on business hours. (Weekdays 09:00-18:00, Not available on Weekends and Holidays)
7 days before cancellation : 100% refund
6 day before ~ the day of cancellation : Non-refundable
·· In case of cancellations by accident injury, illness, hospitalization and death, the medical document is required to submit at least in 7 days prior to tour date for refund.

Know Before You Book
➊ The number of passengers should be at least four adults for one night product and 8 passengers for multi-night product. If the minimum number of people is not fulfilled until 7 days before the tour, the tour will be canceled and the payments will be fully refunded to the customers who made the purchase. (it is recommended that you book the seats at least 10 days prior to the departure.)
➋ The itinerary is subject to change due to unexpected circumstances.
➌ Only meals are included; no drinks and alcoholic beverages will be provided.
➍ All accommodations (hotels or resorts) are subject to change.
➎ One room per two people will be provided. If you wish to use a single room, extra fee will be charged. ($60/per night)