Seoul Upcycling Plaza
Seoul Upcycling Plaza is the world's largest new multi-use cultural space where you can see, learn and experience everything about the new utilization (upcycle).
"Up-cycling" refers to the re-creation of more valuable products by adding design to the resource that goes beyond simple recycling.
At the New Usage Plaza in Seoul, donation / collection, processing, production and sales The whole process of the 'new utilization' industry is one stop.

· Seongdong-gu, Automobile Market Road 49, Seoul
· Subway Line 5, Janghanpyeong Station Exit 8
· Shuttle bus - New utilization bus No. 1 (25 passengers)
- 08:50 ~ 18:20 (Jangheungpyeong station departs every 20 minutes, 50 minutes, runs every 30 minutes)
- 12:20, 12:50 American Express (lunch time)